LT4000M/GP4000M Series Multi-Converter (Multi-Data Box)

Connect to a wide range of PLCs

The Multi-Data Box is an LT4000M or GP4000M Series rear module with DIN rail mounting adapter.
Data-collecting devices with one serial port and one Ethernet port. Ideal for small system or single equipment data collection.


Collect PLC data over network or by USB


Multi-Converter (Multi-Data BOX) Introduction Movie


ModelPFXLM4B01DDC (Source type)PFXLM4B01DDK (Sink type)PFXLM4B01DAC (Source type)PFXLM4B01DAK (Sink type)PFXGM4B01D
Rear module installation adapter (PFXZXMADSA1)
Type DIO model AIO + DIO model No I/O model
DIO 20 IN / 10 OUT 12 IN / 6 OUT -
AIO - 4 IN / 2 OUT -
Detail Download datasheet Download
Required software GP-Pro EX Ver. 3.60.000 or later  GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.00.000 or later

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