Communication devices / Controllers

IoT and wireless environment at a production site

The important task to realize IoT is how data can be acquired from the existing equipment that does not intervene on the current factory network or how that equipment can be integrated with new one. In addition to HMI, Pro-face offers products supporting IoT and configuring wireless environments.

Product list

SP5000 Series Multi-Converter (Multi-Data Box)

rear_module_psa_series_top_1.jpgHigh-function data-collecting device with two serial ports, three Ethernet ports, one SD card or CFast card slot, and two or more USB ports. Ideal for complex system or multi-equipment data collection.
Step Towards IoT.


* SP5000 Series Power Box is planned in 2017.



LT4000M/GP4000M Series Multi-Converter (Multi-Data Box)


Data-collecting device with one serial port and one Ethernet port.
Ideal for small system or single equipment data collection.
Connect to a wide range of PLCs.


Multi-Converter for FANUC CNC

Collect CNC data from legacy machines to MT-LINKi via Multi-Converter.